About Us


According to the dictionary Black is:

gloomy; pessimistic; dismal; soiled; harmful; inexcusable; boding ill; sullen or hostile; threatening; dark; dusky; sooty; inky; swart; swarthy; sable; ebony; dirty; dingy; sad; depressing; somber; doleful; mournful; funereal; disastrous; calamitous; sinful; inhuman; fiendish; devilish; infernal; monstrous; atrocious; horrible; nefarious; treacherous; traitorous. and the list goes on.

All these definitions have negative connotations, in my eyes Black has always been BEAUTIFUL.

Black is the ORIGINAL state before let there be light; Black is the SPIRITUAL state before you go to sleep, Black is the CREATIVE state inside a mothers womb; Black is the state of the universe that CANNOT BE OVERCOME by all the suns/stars within it; Black is all ENERGY combined, Black is W/HOLE; Black is POWER.

BLACK is the new BLACK.

Buy Black Clothing will change culture and peoples association with Black, it can be defined as many things, we will redefine it as aspirational.

Buy Black Clothing is a high-end urban UK fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Daniel Lister in 2014 to redefine Black.

Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black.