Reppin' For Reparations August 04 2015

Matt Matthews Performing At The Reparations March After-Gathering

Matt Matthews is a public speaker and the best selling author of The Only One Stopping You Is You! a book about redefining your limits. Matt personifies the Buy Black Clothing brand by redefining his own limits and the limits of others. Born and raised on a council estate in Southwest London, being no stranger to poverty, violence, marginalisation, expulsion from school and even incarceration, he has been able to triumph through countless adversities to become the successful self help author, spoken word lyricist and inspirational speaker that he is today.

Know Your Power! - Matt Matthews

His latest spoken word video is entitled Know your Power which embodies the Buy Black Clothing brand. His previous video called Perspective states if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change; you could have the solution to your problems right in front of your eyes if you have the right perspective; can't see the forest for the trees. Buy Black, Know Your Power to ARISE!

Matt Matthews Wearing The Original Buy Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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